Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Government Contractors: Trace Your Accounts from ‘Cradle to Grave’ with Microsoft Dynamics SL

I had the opportunity to listen in on a Microsoft Momentum Webcast regarding how to build a successful foundation for Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Compliance and the term used throughout the 60 minute session was “Cradle to Grave”. Although slightly morbid, it caught my attention because of its importance for Government Contractors.

In order for you to comply with DCAA regulations, it’s vital that you have a start to finish view for each of your accounts. For example, within your financial planning, the auditors will most likely ask to see your 3 month plan versus the actual. To build a successful foundation for DCAA accounting compliance, you must have a solution that works. Here are a few reasons Microsoft Dynamics SL is that solution.

Fully Compliant:
Businesses have found Microsoft Dynamics SL to be fully FAR, CAS and DCAA compliant. With Microsoft Dynamics SL, contractors can easily prepare reports, so that when auditors show up for a surprise floor check, they have the information readily in hand, in the required format, to show precisely where their numbers come from.

Amazing Functionality:
Microsoft Dynamics SL provides an automated, robust, repeatable, integrated system that can calculate indirect rates from month to month, and apply those costs to keep the controller informed about variances as they occur. All of this functionality allows auditors to be confident in the consistent and reliable manner you are calculating, applying and submitting rates.

Customization and Integration Made Easy:
In addition, the Microsoft solution easily integrates with other systems so you can, for example add 25 new employees overnight, as required by a contract or new business opportunity. Microsoft is also open about its data dictionary, or list of fields for all databases, and what they represent. Microsoft Dynamics SL makes it easy to replicate reports, as required by auditors. The ability to customize data entry screens makes it easy to identify information and build reports based on business or government auditing requirements as they arise.

To learn more, find Government Compliance Resources on Synergy Business Solutions' website.

- Michael Camp

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