Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Independent Research on Microsoft Dynamics SL

Nucleus Research* evaluated Microsoft Dynamics SL in a 2009 report and gave it great grades and a stellar ROI score. Here are some highlights of its analysis of SL customers using it for project management, project or cost accounting, job costing, financial management, collaboration, business intelligence, and reporting.
  • Deployed properly, Dynamics SL software can deliver payback in fewer than six months.

  • Customer: “Our staff is more productive because they can focus on what needs to get done. In accounting, we’ve reduced our workload by 20 to 30 percent.”

  • Customer: “Our biggest benefit is how much we were able to automate. We would have had to add at least two fulltime people to do what we do now.” [Timecards]

  • One company was able to increase its cash flow by $100,000 a year, simply by having better visibility and control over its outstanding invoices.

  • Visibility across project plans and budgets and better forecasting enables managers to more effectively plan and budget for projects.

  • One company was able to increase its utilization rates by an average of 6 percent.

  • Central storage of all project data and visibility into that data enables decision makers to easily monitor project status and make adjustments before project costs escalate.
Download Nucleus Research Guidebook on Dynamics SL

* Nucleus Research Inc., NucleusResearch.com


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