Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Part I: What You Need to Know About Backing Up Your Data

Why should I create a database maintenance plan for my Microsoft Dynamics SL databases? Your data is mission critical and you need to protect it for your own peace of mind, if nothing else. If you ever lose data due to drive failure, backing up your database and transaction log gives you the ability to restore everything to a point in time.

What’s the best way for me to do backups? Use a SQL Server backup utility to back up your live databases (.mdf and .ldf). Restoring from these is quick and easy. If you back up to tape, it requires a special SQL Server agent for the backup software and restoring these is often difficult and time consuming. Actually, we recommend you do both with the former being your primary backup strategy.

How should I schedule backups? Always schedule a full backup of your Microsoft Dynamics SL database each work night after most business has been completed. Schedule transaction log backups at a maximum of every four hours. The shorter the time in between transaction log backups, the shorter the recovery time if data is lost. Keep in mind that selecting options like “Reorganize Data” and “Index Pages” will increase the size of the transaction log.

Find online help files regarding backups that provide greater detail than this by going to: Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Books Online - See Part II.

- Nannette Dame, Senior Consultant


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