Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easy Access to the Reports and Screens You Use

Tight accounting software integration with project data is a big plus with Dynamics SL. Here’s a simple tip that further integrates modules. Once a user gets up to speed with the screens and reports they typically use on a day to day basis--regardless of which module they may be in--there’s a simple way to organize and quickly access your work. Right mouse click on any report or screen and then select “Add to favorites.” The next time you start up SL, every item you added will be on the home page for easy access. This is particularly handy for those who use several screens and reports from several different modules.

Once the screen or report is a favorite on the home page, by right mouse clicking it, you can move it up or down, remove it from the list, change the description, or open it. Here are the shortcuts after selecting the screen or report in the list:

Ctrl+Up: moving it up on the list
Ctrl+Down: moving it down on the list
Enter or double click: Open the screen or report


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