Friday, April 17, 2009

The Skinny on the Delete Detail Feature

It’s important that companies have a data retention plan that fits them. Recently I worked with a client who regularly used the Delete Detail feature to clean up their database. Trouble was, when they got audited they didn’t readily have the data they needed as they had deleted too many years. If ever the delete detail process is unintentionally ran (typically done at month end closing), you can be sure that data you did not intend to lose will be available if you have the proper data retention settings. Everyone should double check each module’s Setup Screen for accurate retention settings.

To satisfy the IRS, you should retain data that goes back at least three years; under SEC regulations, data must be retained for seven years. Regardless of your plan, there’s only one good reason to use the Delete Detail feature. That’s when your database becomes too large and you find it difficult to run queries or have other performance issues. But before you delete historical data, make sure you still archive that data first in a backup so you still have the data, but just not in your running database.

Finally, if you are considering using the Delete Detail to free up space, it’s advisable to contact your SL Consultant first to ensure you have a good backup plan and that it is the best solution to any issues you are experiencing.


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