Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boost Performance and Efficiency with Application Server

Many Dynamics SL users don't realize they have a valuable add-on module they don't use called Application Server. With Application Server, you can be more productive by scheduling repetitive tasks to be done automatically on other machines in your network; tasks like printing of reports and execution of processes. Application Server allows you to:
  • Email a request for a specific report, generate it, and have it emailed back to you or another person as an attachment, without having to log into SL.
  • Specify format of attachments, Word, PDF, or Excel
  • Automatically send reports daily, weekly, or monthly and free yourself up to do other tasks
  • Automatically generate large reports and print them out at night to be available in the morning
  • Schedule a Transaction Import at night to be available in the morning
  • Set up separate server machines to handle different types of processing requests and more people making requests
  • Maintain an audit trail of requests and events done on machines; quickly check if requests are waiting, processing, executing, or complete

To learn more download a factsheet or contact Synergy support to learn specifics on how to set it up.

- Donna, the Synergy Maven


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