Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boost Performance and Efficiency with Application Server

Many Dynamics SL users don't realize they have a valuable add-on module they don't use called Application Server. With Application Server, you can be more productive by scheduling repetitive tasks to be done automatically on other machines in your network; tasks like printing of reports and execution of processes. Application Server allows you to:
  • Email a request for a specific report, generate it, and have it emailed back to you or another person as an attachment, without having to log into SL.
  • Specify format of attachments, Word, PDF, or Excel
  • Automatically send reports daily, weekly, or monthly and free yourself up to do other tasks
  • Automatically generate large reports and print them out at night to be available in the morning
  • Schedule a Transaction Import at night to be available in the morning
  • Set up separate server machines to handle different types of processing requests and more people making requests
  • Maintain an audit trail of requests and events done on machines; quickly check if requests are waiting, processing, executing, or complete

To learn more download a factsheet or contact Synergy support to learn specifics on how to set it up.

- Donna, the Synergy Maven

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Print Negative Amounts in Red in FRx Reports

Many times when I teach FRx Reporting classes I am asked if FRx has a setting that will print negative amounts in red. FRx does not have that feature built into the software, but there is a work around you can use.

First, for the row that you want to print in red if the amount is negative, set the Print Control (Column F) to NP. Just below that row, you will need to insert two more rows that with a CAL function in the Format Code (Column C). See below:

The CAL formula in Row 1990 above gives the instruction to print the amount in this line if the amount on Row 1960 is less than zero. You will get the desired result if the amount was negative.

The formula in the next row, Row 2020, gives the instruction to print the amount in this line if the amount on Row 1960 is greater than zero. It is formatted to print in BLACK.

Save your Row Format, then be sure that the report is set to not print zero rows:

Your report should now give you the desired result.

- TJ Paulsen, Senior Project Consultant

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Analyst at Forrester is Bullish on Microsoft Dynamics

A Forrester Research Analyst reports that while other vendors are cutting research and development, Microsoft is "more likely to honor its commitments to deliver on its [Dynamics ERP*] road map as promised." The more Microsoft's software framework .Net is utilized the more it allows Microsoft to "take advantage of its technology stack to deliver future innovations in search, data management, content management and other productivity tools."

*Microsoft Dynamics SL is the Dynamics ERP product that best suits project-focused companies.