Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maximize the Inventory Module with Barcode Technology

For some contractors and make-to-order manufacturers the Barcode Gateway add-on makes life so much easier. We recently helped HydroResources, headquartered in Houston, TX, to implement it. Now, inputting large quantities of their inventory takes minutes. All they have to do is point the barcode gun at the supply piece and it automatically inputs into Dynamics SL. Previously they had to put on paper what they took and then manually key it into the software. This saved them hours of work counting and issuing inventory. Their IT Administrator, Thuyen Ngo, was amazed at the new efficiency it brought. It also integrates with the Purchasing and Order Entry Modules.

- Michael Camp, Director of Marketing

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HVAC Company Thrilled Over Advanced Payroll

I recently helped a Heating/Ventilation Contractor in Idaho implement Dynamics SL Advanced Payroll and boy, were they excited after they saw what it could do. Previously, they had to enter payroll rates manually for their union and non-union employees and certified payroll reports for time-sensitive requirements were a royal pain. The Controller had to regularly take work home on the weekends!

After Advanced Payroll was up and running, they’d simply choose the employee and project and the payroll rate was pulled up automatically. Since this used to be a laborious process for them, they thought this was the best things since sliced bread! The payroll reports were also a piece of cake. This is standard functionality with this module, which is a great fit for project-driven companies, who often do complex labor and time collection.

- Donna Hurst

Monday, July 6, 2009

Partner of Year Finalist in 2 Categories

Synergy is a 2009 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist in Microsoft Dynamics SL AND Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services. John Wheeler of Alpha Development had this to say in the first press release:

"Synergy consultants are Dynamics SL experts, some of the best in the business, so I have a lot of confidence in them," said John Wheeler, Controller of Alpha Development, a heavy civil engineering construction firm and Synergy client for the past three years. "They helped us get the most out of our Microsoft Dynamics SL implementation, which has been a huge strategic asset for us."

John has good tips on his blog: